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Microgrit SIC


Bonded and coated abrasive products
•  Brake linings
•  Wire Sawing
•  Kiln furniture
•  Advance ceramics
•  Refractory applications
•  Paints
•  Wear resistance floors
•  Anti static floors
•  Metal matrix composites
•  Precision lapping
•  Grinding and polishing
Custom Abrasives
Microgrit WCA
Microgrit WCA S
ESK Ceramics
Microgrit Slurries
Microgrit PXA
Microgrit CEO
Microgrit WA
Microgrit BC
Microgrit SIC
Microclear DS Series
Microclear DD Series
Microclear Plastic Polish

MICROGRIT SIC is made by a precision water classification process using material that

is produced from the reaction between high purity silica sand and petroleum coke in a

resistance-type furnace. Measuring 9.0+ on the MOHS scale of hardness, silicon carbide

is one of the hardest abrasives known in the industry. The inherent friability of the sharp

crystalline structure assures the continuous exposure of new cutting edges, which produces

a faster and cleaner cutting performance.


MICROGRIT SIC powders are precisely graded to the particle size specifications set

forth by the European FEPA “F” Microgrit Standard. MICROGRIT SIC powders are

also available in sizes that are graded to the “JIS” Japanese Industrial Standard. Material

is available in both Black and Green color.